About Airganix

Airganix is the Australasian distributor for the Bentax and NaturalAir air purification products.

Airganix is committed to identifying reliable, proven products which address environmental and occupational air quality problems.

Bentax Products

Bentax's roots go back to the early 1900ís and involve one of the great scientists of our time - Albert Einstein. Einsteinís sister was suffering from tuberculosis and the treatment at the time was to relocate to a higher altitude. So, on doctorís orders, she was admitted to a hospital situated high up in the Alps. Sure enough, she recovered from this illness.

Einstein was not willing to accept that mountain air is "healthier" than air at lower altitudes. Being naturally curious, he wanted to know why. With his friend and colleague, Conrad Habicht, they were able to measure the oxygen ion count in air. They found that there were more activated oxygen ions at higher altitudes than at lower altitudes.

With this knowledge, they collaborated on a device called a potential multiplier which was able to reproduce the electricity naturally occurring in air. This invention laid the foundation for the modern science of bioclimatology.

Einstein and Habicht patented the technology in 1947 and went on to form the Bentax Company based on the discovery the two men had made. It is this very same technology that the Bentax system applies today.

Natural Air Products

Natural Air recreates Mother Nature's natural processes for fresh, pure air in your home.

Designing the very best purification products possible - that has been the mission of our team of scientists, engineers and air quality specialists since the company's inception. Now after nearly three decades of research and development, we are excited to introduce Natural Air -- the world's first dynamic air regenerator, with the ability to purify the air of an entire home up to 3,000 square feet.